Fusion Elementz Dance Classes in Nerul

Fusion Elementz dance class in nerul is one of the most reputed dance class with best instructors to boost your dancing ability. Dancing is a passion in which you put your total time & effort to make yourself perfection. For this we can  help you to practise & guide the suitable moves and styles. We operate 4 classes in navi Mumbai from which 2 are located in nerul. Our dance classes in nerul east and nerul west are operated with same instructors but on different timings. Visit our dance class or contact us to know any detail or enquire about us.

We F.E. dance academy in nerul will boost the confidence in you to perform without hesitation on the stage. The most exciting part is that all our students get chance to perform on stage in front of thousands of people. We organize various dance events every year where all our students gets best platform to participate and to show their calibre. No matter whether you are beginner to dance, we are always happy to improve the dancing skills in raw talent. So come and join fusion elementz dance class nerul & become a part of our dance family.

Fusion elementz dance classes in Nerul Navi Mumbai also take special class for Zumba fitness. We understand that not all comes only to learn dance but also for body fitness and to increase the stamina. So if you are looking for Zumba dance class in nerul than you can know by contacting us or by visiting our dance institute in nerul.

Dancing is a passion, so unleash the spark within you. Age & size doesn’t matter, whether you are child, young, old, fat or skinny. Dance never discriminate between who you are, so come and become a part of training session. Without any hitch contact us or meet us in our dance class in nerul.

Unleash the spark with Fusion Elementz Dance Academy in Nerul


Address: Shop No. 2, Kavita Chs, Plot no. 71 Sector 21, Nerul East, Navi Mumbai- 400706

Call: 02269795555


Address: 106,Kripa Sai, Plot: 376, Opp. SBI Bank, Sector 6, Nerul West, Navi Mumbai- 400706.

Call: 9167679937


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